Studio Nazari

Monotheme Natural: un nuovo capitolo legato alla sostenibilità e alla natura


Mar 2024

The new Monotheme Natural collection consists of genderless and Made in Italy fragrances created with attention to detail and in step with the times. The main olfactory families are chromatically identified and monothematically interpreted through the best selected natural essences.

Le quattro nuove fragranze, YUZU, HONEYSUCKLE, COCOA BEANS, CEDAR WOOD costituiscono una linea di prodotti dedicata ad un consumatore consapevole attento all’ambiente, che cerca nella propria fragranza non solo un profumo ma anche uno stato d’essere.

Il legame tra Monotheme e la natura è evidente anche nel ridotto impatto ambientale ottenuto   grazie a un Sourcing etico delle materie prime, certificazioni green ed elevati standard etici nelle catene di approvvigionamento.


  • YUZU: The fragrance expresses the sweet and lively notes of the Lemon Sorbet, embellished with touches of the exotic Yuzu. The air flows between the sparkling accents of Verbena, collecting the aromatic freshness of Sage and the radiance of Orange Blossom. The creation is finally adorned with warm and enveloping shades of Sandalwood.
  • HONEYSUCKLE: The fragrance elegantly combines the radiance of Orange Blossom, bright drops of Bergamot and fresh green touches of Petitgrain. The heart is enhanced by vibrant scents of Honeysuckle and Jasmine.  The meeting of the Orchid Vanilla, the warm Cedar Wood and the golden notes of Ambrette generates a precious essence of intense nature.
  • COCOA BEANS: The wonder generated by the red grains of Pink Pepper meets the soft and delicate sweetness of Pear. A white veil, light and intoxicating of Jasmine and Tuberose is wrapped by the gourmand accents of Cocoa, which give refinement to the fragrance. Finally, the green and camphor leaves of Patchouli marry warm and persuasive colors meeting the precious notes of Amber and Benzoin.
  • CEDAR WOOD: A green fragment of nature set among buildings, that attract us to the scents of a juicy Bergamot and a vibrant Pink Pepper. The garden’s heart is permeated with heady bushes of Lavender, which scent blends into intense notes of Geranium and Poppy Flower. The experience is sealed with earthy notes of Patchouli, enriched by the sweet tones of the Tonka Bean and by warm shades of Cedar Wood.