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From December 2nd to 15th Cyclamens to support Airalzh in Alzheimer's Disease Research


Nov 2022

It's always said that "during Christmas we're all on our best behaviour" and what better gesture than to give the gift of a cyclamen seedling that, in addition to bringing a splash of color to the home, can contribute to Research against Alzheimer's disease? From December 2 to 15, with the arrival of Christmas, in all Coop supermarkets and hypermarkets in Italy, there will be the possibility to buy a cyclamen. For each seedling, €1 will be donated to support Airalzh (Italian Alzheimer's Research Association), the only association that promotes and supports medical and scientific Research on Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia nationwide. After the charity campaign regarding heather calluna seedlings last October, "Non ti scordar di te" is back, with which Coop - since 2016 - has promoted several initiatives in the territory with the aim of raising funds in favor of Airalzh and Scientific Research. Alzheimer's disease, in Italy, affects more than 600 thousand people and, due to the aging population, it is estimated that by 2050 more than 130 million individuals worldwide may be affected. Although progress is being made in research, there is currently no cure to defeat Alzheimer's. Available drugs mainly aim to slow patients' cognitive decline and reduce some behavioral disorders. Purchasing even one cyclamen seedling, therefore, can make a contribution to Airalzh, but also give hope to more than 3 million people including patients, family members and caregivers.