Studio Nazari

September. Alzheimer's month.

Media Relations

Cliente: AIRALZH

Every year on September 21st, Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Day is celebrated around the world. Once again this year, we worked hard to communicate scientific news and awareness and fundraising initiatives regarding Airalzh (Italian Alzheimer's Research Association) to the best of our ability.

The second week of September took place Alzheimer Fest, an initiative involving patients, families, caregivers, associations and physicians to raise awareness of issues related to this disease. This year's edition was held in Florence from Sept. 9th to 11th in Piazza della SS Annunziata.

For World Alzheimer's Day, various activities were organized involving all monthly, weekly and periodical media with a "health" focus but also agencies, national and local newspapers, online, Radio and TV with a more "generalist" slant. In addition, this year, a willingness was obtained from Rai for Sustainability - ESG on September 20th and 21st in giving visibility to Airalzh for its awareness campaign. Thus, the various radio and TV newsrooms were contacted to arrange interviews and live "guests" of the various Airalzh Experts.

Parallel to this, to fund Research against Alzheimer's disease, an initiative was organized with Orpea Italia, a world player in social and health care and in the creation of facilities for the reception and care of frail people. Lavender seedlings were offered in all their RSAs in northern Italy from September 21st to 25th for a donation, with the proceeds going entirely to Airalzh. The second initiative, on the other hand, involves Coop, with which Airalzh has always had a partnership collaboration. In Coop supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Italy, from October 6th to 19th, Erica Calluna plants were offered for sale and, for every seedling sold, €1 was donated to Airalzh to support research.