Studio Nazari

Gardaland Magic Winter: bimbi, emozioni e gentilezza al centro della 21° edizione


Dec 2023

Gardaland Magic Winter the winter appointment of the park - on stage until the 7th of January - promises to be truly full of magic. An edition, this year's, completely dedicated to the theme of kindness, of which the youngest Guests, through their words and their emotions, become the spokespersons. Children who will visit the Park will have the opportunity to share their kind thoughts which, as well as enriching the soundtrack of the Winter 2024 edition, will contribute to creating the "Gardaland's Wall of Kindness" inside Santa Claus's Village, in Piazza Jumanji. Among the unmissable novelties also an evocative skating rink, new shows designed specifically for the winter period and a new film at Cinema 4D. Not to be missed are the culinary traditions, a ride on the adrenaline, fantasy or adventure attractions and the magical encounter with the beloved Santa Claus!