Studio Nazari

Living City 2023, con Husqvarna si parla di Biodiversità e gestione del Verde pubblico e privato


Nov 2023

On October 24 and 25, the 9th Edition of Living City was held in Paris, an event organized by Husqvarna in which sustainable development and the care of green spaces in urban areas was discussed, with insights on the urban landscape and Biodiversity.

For the occasion, Husqvarna presented several initiatives and new products: from a new feature - Biodiversity Alert from - that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, will enable cities to identify areas to protect and develop to increase Biodiversity, to Strix, a futuristic and revolutionary solution that will support Operators, Managers, and Professionals in the management of green spaces to several battery-powered product lines for both private and professional use, with the aim of reducing carbon footprint, costs, and noise pollution.