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La SItI e altre due Società scientifiche stilano un decalogo per una vacanza in montagna in tutta sicurezza


Aug 2023

The Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SItI), together with Italian Society of Mountain Medicine (SIMeM) and Italian Society of Travel Medicine (Simvim) have compiled a decalogue for safe, fun and relaxing mountain vacations.

Divided by "topics," experts and professionals in the field provide "appropriate actions" to implement. From the "children-mountain" relationship to what to do in case of heatstroke or cold; from what to do if you suffer from chronic illnesses, to the (fundamental) aspect of nutrition and hydration.

There is no shortage of guidance on how to stay with the elderly, suggestions on possible "environmental hazards" that may be encountered, and to the weather conditions that should be assessed in advance. Finally, do not forget how to dress, which vaccinations to undergo and how to equip yourself for the health of a possible small dog.