Studio Nazari

Gardaland Summer Festival 2023

A magical night that of the 8th of July: Annalisa, Tananai, Alfa and Ginevra Lamborghini were the popstars of Gardaland Summer Festival, which confirms itself to be one of the most awaited Park’s events of the summer.

First to walk on stage, after the numerous DJ Sets and the professional dance group performance, was Ginevra Lamborghini: the young artist performed with a cover of "Sarà perché ti amo" and her new single "Equatore".

A seguire le attesissime esibizioni di Alfa, Annalisa e Tananai, i quali sono stati accolti da grandissimo entusiasmo e calore e sono riusciti a regalare un tocco di magia in più alla serata.

Alfa received huge cheer from the audience with his songs 'Bellissimissima', 'Ci sarò' and 'Cin cin'. Annalisa, in recent weeks the pop queen at the top of the Italian music charts, flawlessly performed her hits 'Bellissima', 'Mon amour' and 'Dieci', driving the audience crazy. Finally, Tananai, the special guest of the evening unveiled to the public only in the late morning of the 8th on Gardaland's social channels, left everyone speechless with "Abissale", "Sesso occasionale" and the emotional song "Tango".

The evening ended with RTL among countdowns, fireworks and the best dance music of all times.