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World Oceans Day: Oknoplast and Marevivo Onlus together for a cleaner sea

Today, June 8, we celebrate World Oceans Day.

For the occasion Oknoplast has supported Marevivo Onlus - environmental association that works to protect the sea and its resources - for a beach clean-up ativity along the Conero Riviera. In a single day of work with the involvement of the Oknoplast team, alongside Marevivo and more than 30 volunteers, collected more than 30 kg of waste of different types. The results have not been encouraging, confirming that we must continue with the highest priority to adopt behaviours that respect the sea. In fact, 90% of the collected waste was made, as is unfortunately to be expected, of plastic (bottles, nets, clothing, fabrics); the remaining of cigarette butts (5%), bottle caps, food packaging, tissues, some residual elements of trawling and, unexpectedly, even a pack of detergent dating back to the 80s. Once collected, the waste was then sorted and disposed of according to local regulations.