Studio Nazari

Gardaland and the laying of the first of the 2,000 essential plants for the creation of the new 2023 attraction: Jumanji® - The Labyrinth

Media Relations

Cliente: Gardaland

The Jumanji adventure continues in Gardaland: inspired by the famous Sony Pictures film series which has won over 2.02 billion dollars worldwide! To mark the goal of the laying of the first and symbolic plants that create the new attraction 2023 Jumanji - The Labyrinth we curated the video production throughout the whole day. As PR Acengy we followed and managed the four cosplayers of the film characters on set: dott. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, prof. Sheldon ""Shelly"" Oberon and Franklin ""Topo"" Finbar. They arrived in Gardaland aboard the iconic off-road vehicle and bringing with them some of the most amazing species from the best Italian garden centres.