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Fall/Winter 2022-2023: Grisport introduces the new "Eco 3P" Line


Oct 2022

After embarking - at the beginning of the year - on a path under the banner of its own "Eco friendly" vision that led it to create its first "green" sneaker, Grisport proposes, also for the Fall/Winter season, a series of footwear that will enrich the "Eco 3P" Line.

Disponibili in “versione” sneaker e polacchino, le calzature Grisport sono “casual”, pensate per la città, adatte a qualsiasi situazione e, naturalmente, con le caratteristiche “green” per quanto riguarda Prodotto, Packaging, Processo (ovvero le “3P”).

The "Eco 3P" line is environmentally friendly, being made of recyclable and environmentally sustainable materials on: part of the outer upper, inner lining, lace, inner sole and sole insert. The packaging in which the shoe is contained is 100% recycled and recyclable, with a self-assembling system designed to decrease bulk. Finally, the manufacturing process is also totally "green." These shoes from Grisport feature a suede leather upper, with a two-density polyurethane-polyurethane compact sole, while the laces, lining, inserts and footbed are made of recycled material. Also available in greased leather and nubuck. Wide variety of colors: from light brown to moss and lead.